A development history starting in 2007 has lead to first flight of the final design in 2018. Skyflash prototype is currently undergoing in-depth testing and drivetrain evaluation. The teams target is to have an operational vehicle by 2025.  The projected price is below 25000 $US, some 10% of other state of the art designs.

Contact the Skyflash team for in-depth information or technical questions. Skyflash is looking for both investors and potential customers.

Skyflash is a ground connected, lifting body configured transport verhicle for freight and equipment first flown in 2018. Powered by a hybrid drivetrain of both latest generation lithium-ion battery cells and ultra-light ethanol powered internal combustion engines charging the batteries in midflight. Skyflash provides a 50 kg payload capacity with a 90 minute operation time before refill is required. Current prototypes software is based on the proven DJI A3 platform but will be interchangeable according to customers demand. A unique physical ground connection is allowing operation on challenging terrain - while not beeing considered an aircraft or unmanned aerial verhicle.

Skyflash can be operated in most any environment. It is both a segway for heavy equipment and a mobile crane without the need for a fixed ground. Loads can be attached by means of either a load platform or tow cable. Skyflash is constructed from light but durable aluminum and avoids expensive and sensitive carbon fibre components. A weight of less than 50 kg and easily removable and stowable parts allow easy set-up and handling of the craft.

Although technically capable to do so, Skyflash has not been designed for high speed, extreme acceleration or covering long distances in autonomous flight. Instead the focus has been to create a both durable and lightweight airframe, capable of daily operation and easy handling. Skyflash can be operated with extreme precision and fly in confined spaces with just  half a meter of room to spare.

Skyflash Airborne
Skyflash Key-Visual




Multi-Purpose Aerial Support Vehicle



Payload Capacity:

50 kg

Total Weight:

55 kg




90 min

Fuel (Bio):

Ethanol + 25% Nitromethane + 10% Oil



Diameter (operational)

2.50 m


0.50 m






<90 dB(A) in 10 m

Redefining Aerial Construction Support


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